Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Stand

The light blanket of snow on the landscape is irresistible - even at these temps!  Bundled up in my layers, with a wall to my back and standing in the sun, I made the best of a COLD situation.  Painting fast is key, as are hand and toe warmers. I found myself blocking in masses, and then really studying the colors in those masses, marking them with paint as I worked.  I used quite a bit of raw sienna, which I only seem to bring out this time of year.  My palette needs to be scraped and refreshed, but there's no time for that today.  A little at loose ends, my focus was off, so I just let my intuition take over, allowing the brush and knife to find their own way.  It was hard to tell what I really had until I brought it in, the bright white of the snow playing games with my eyes.  I hope to forge ahead tomorrow on another snowscape - and it is supposed to be warmer!  Yay!  Painting number 1823 in 1823 days.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sunset in the Snow

Though that sun was warm and inviting, it was SO cold out there in the pasture!  I am painting at home with this lovely blanket of snow on the landscape.  My intention was to paint close, and as many as I could.  We hardly had snow last year, and by gosh, I'm going to take advantage of it!  Well, it was SO cold that I only completed one oil painting!  The brushstrokes are loose (shivering?) and I brought out my old friend the palette knife to assist!  It feels so good to be painting in the oil again, especially for those snowy landscapes to come!  Painting number 1822 in 1822 days.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cardinals in the Vine

With a light snow overnight, the feeders were swarming with birds all day!  So busy they were, I had to refill them all just before dark!  I found myself watching them often as I entered or left the kitchen, easily visible from the bay window.  I had to paint them, and since I've been using watercolor all month, I stayed in that path.  I think they are more difficult in watercolor and ink!  Never daunted by a challenge, I went in and painted two more - the third I'm very happy with.  Some days it just takes those extra strokes at the easel!  I think I'll be taking out my oils tomorrow, this snow is just too yummy to resist!  Painting number 1821 in 1821.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dunn's Cider Mill ATC

Many times I have enjoyed hot cider and doughnuts here! Sometimes, my friends and I would gather for lunch - with grandbabies in tow!  On the outskirts of town, it is picturesque with it's winding drive back to the mill.  Here, I capture this place with ink and watercolor.  I zoom in on the barn for this one (zooming out for the next).  I paint from outside the gate as they are closed for the season.  One of the biggest benefits of painting daily - I get faster as the months roll by.  Faster at seeing what I want, faster at getting it sketched, and faster at laying that paint.  It all becomes SO natural.  Want to change your life?  Change what you do daily.  Painting number 1820 in 1820 days.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Winter Creek ATC

This glass dip pen is one of the new ones I ordered before Christmas.  It is much smaller in scale than the first one, which could be a problem for one with large hands.  It is fine for me, though the nib is not quite as smooth either.  These glass dip pens hold an amazing amount of ink!  I simply dip it as far as I like (as long as I don't go above the twisted part), and start drawing.  I choose India ink for this because I am following immediately with my watercolors.  My fountain inks would all bleed, giving the color a definite blackish hue, not muddy but very dirty looking.  I've only tried that once!   Every painting is a lesson.  Painting number 1819 in 1819 days.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lakeside Retreat

I am putting pen to paper and filling in with watercolor.  This cotton rag paper has a rough texture, so I must use a fine or medium tip pen for the drawing.  The super fine seems to skip around too much, only hitting the high spots.  The paint flows freely on this paper, staying wet long enough to add more colors to mingle into the wet areas.  Each painting is an exploration in the media, pushing and pulling to see what evolves! Painting number 1818 in 1818 days. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Stone Pillar Vineyard Inked

This glass fountain pen has 5 interchangeable nibs, from super fine to broad.  Drawing with dip pens may look intimidating, but once you know a couple tricks, it really is easy.  The most important thing is to dip the nib into the ink to the top of the well (or hole) in the nib.  As you pull the pen out of the ink, simply draw it lightly against the lip of the ink well.  You will be surprised at how much you can draw with a single dip!  When finished, disassemble the pen parts and rinse in water.  Now, go explore those inks! Painting number 1817 in 1817 days.