Friday, September 21, 2018

Sunset Glory

I'm trying to paint either sunrise or sunset each day, for 30 days, in an effort to improve my skills.  The bold colors seem so loud when I'm laying them down, striving to match what I see in the sky.  The masses change so quickly that nearly every time it is too dark to get a photo as I finish, and the color reads so differently in the artificial indoor lighting!  Each time, I find the painting lacking, tossing it aside to dry.  As I walk by it, doing those household chores, I begin to see something in each one.  A fresh eye is a calmer judge.  Perhaps I'll be a little more content in 30 days.  Practice can only help!  Painting number 2066 in 2066 days.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sunset Over the Island

On the last night of the Brush Creek Art Walk, I found a spot overlooking the creek towards the island.  The western light was hitting the sides of the tree trunks and foliage as it lit up the clouds in the sky.  I had to paint it.  I had already turned in an ink painting of the Benton Boulevard Bridge for the quick paint, so I could paint ay my leisure.  I began with the cloud colors, reflecting that color in the water.  The trunks and foliage grew lighter and warmer as the sun sank, and the pinks came up on those clouds!  This very loose, spontaneous expression of that evening was fun to capture in oils.  Painting number 2066 in 2066 days.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

September Sunrise

The color blooming in the sky this morning was irresistible!  I should have started with a dark primed panel, but having none I used white!  I feel like I'm fighting that white until the panel is covered, and it distracts me from the color in the sky.  Trying to match the dark values of early light is difficult when each minute grows lighter. Marking all dark masses, I try to keep those masses grayed down, to allow the sunrise light to glow.  Sounds good in theory, but was this ever a challenge!  I need to practice this over and over again, until it becomes second nature!  Perhaps 100 sunrises in a row?  Now, THAT would be crazy!  Painting number 2066 in 2066 days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Clouds Over the Red Barn

Mid day, the clouds started building with the heat, and I watched and waited.  As they grew thick and the winds kicked up, they were ripe for the painting!  I chose to paint towards the north today, where the color was rich.  To the south, they were far more washed out, with very little value difference, though they were rimmed in gold light - which was tempting!  When I approach a cloud painting, I squint down my eyes and start applying the masses that stand out, mindful of the values.  When the clouds are blowing, I do this quickly, hoping to put down all that information before they are out of view.  Once the panel is covered, I start checking edges.  Where are they soft?  Hard?  Always, I'm checking the sky, trying to capture it's likeness.  I REALLY do love painting a cloudscape.  Painting number 2065 in 2065 days.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Looking Across Cleveland Lake

At 86 degrees, it felt so much cooler than the last three days of painting!  Humidity still high, at 93% when I left the house, there was a good breeze blowing across the lake.  I set up in a clearing of a wooded area, looking in all directions for my painting view.  Woods on one side, a dirt trail through the woods on another, meadow behind and lake ahead.  Today, I chose the lake with the drifts of wildflowers.  The colors have ever so slightly shifted forwards autumn in the last 4 days.  Walnut trees are showing a little yellow, the grasses are blushing with that late season ochre and pinkish and a few ivy and sumac leaves are turning to red.  Goldenrod blooms yellow across the prairie to heighten the color.  I try a new Princeton Aspen brush today, and I find it's best use on blending the water and reflections.  The edge is a little too sharp for me, and the marks too hard.  It may have it's place in architecture, though.  I finish this one quickly as I demo for a plein air class today.  So therapeutic to spend a little time painting, surrounded by nature.  Painting number 2064 in 2064 days. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Clouds Over Brush Creek

With every intention of painting the Benton Boulevard Bridge, I could not ignore the cloud show in the sky.  I switched out my ink supplies for my oils, and started laying in that color.  The cloud lingered for the 45 mintues it took me to capture the scene.  It seems like my recent cloud study is really helping me to understand their forms and colors.  I had so much fun, I did another before leaving for the night!  Painting number 2062 in 2062 days.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Anitas Wildflower Meadow

I love the reckless abandon of a wildflower garden!  So many textures, colors and values make this meadow a fabulous paint!  I begin with an ink drawing in early morning light.  The colors are vibrant and shadows deep.  I mark those masses early, which keeps me from straying too far from my intention.  As the sun rises in the sky, the colors change drastically and I must hurry to finish.  In two hours, this is already a different scene, and I can only hope to react honestly with my paint.  Today's paint was during Monarch Mania at the Anita Gorman Conservancy in Kansas City, for the Brush Creek Art Walk.  Painting number 2061 inn 2061 days.