Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rearing Horse in Fountain

The JC Nichol's fountain is one of my favorite Kansas City icons to render.  Each time, I try to approach the fountain in a different way, looking for the drama. This fountain is certainly fill of the drama!  With rearing horses, creatures underfoot and riders fully involved - there is no shortage of drama!  I am using my fancy new glass dip pen - and the inking is effortless. I dip the glass nib in halfway, and the ink flows smoothly down the glass spiral as I draw.  It holds an amazing amount of ink, and I can complete the drawing in 3 dips.  Next comes a little water, and this particular black ink does not flow as readily as the others I have tried.  This paper is also a little more resistant, so I have to work a little harder.  Totally worth the effort - this is a magical place.  Painting number 1773 in 1773 days.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cedar Creek Inked

I ordered in 16 samples of ink from Goulet Pen Company - and this is my first sample run with Noodler's Walnut.  I LOVE the rich color as I add a little water, and the deep dark color as it lays down at full strength.  I'm using a glass dip pen with a metal nib, and I load it by dipping it in the ink to the top of the well (groove) on the nib.  I completed this drawing with only 3 dips in the ink.  It is amazing how far that ink goes!  This brown has jumped right to the top of my favorites list!  Painting number 1772 in 1772 days.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cedar Creek in November

Any time I have a meeting in Lee's Summit, I make time to come to this creek and paint.  The water was very calm today, only the trickling of water over the rock shelf to keep me company.  With few people in the park today, no one walked by the rather remote location.  I was tucked in tight behind foliage, set up on rocks that were still wet from the rain a couple days ago.  Just standing here, letting the paint strokes fall from my brush is therapeutic.  I've not used this box in a while, so there were a few minor additions that had to be made when I arrived back home.  I sure missed my one inch soft bristle brush, and I needed fresh oil for cleaning those brushes!  With only one panel in my box, I couldn't stay for another painting.  Every day is a lesson, and today taught me to check that box before heading down the lane!  Painting number 1771 in 1771 days.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weatherby Lake Sailing

Adding color to an ink drawing in one my favorite journals today!  I'm really getting into the watercolor this week, loving the white of the paper, and letting colors mingle as they rest on the surface.  Watercolor Confections has a brand new set out - and I think in going to HAVE to order it.  I love the ease and convenience of having a little pocket sized box of paints ever at the ready.  Painting number 1770 in 1770 days.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Starlight Theatre in Ink

Oh my!  It had been many years since I had been to Starlight Theatre - wow!  I was not prepared for it's beauty!  This is like a day spent in fairy land!  This is the first place I landed with pen and ink in hand, but it was only the beginning!  And to think I was on the fence about squeezing it into my schedule!  Painting number 1769 in 1769 days.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Historic Barn in Sister Bay

My first time to visit the historical society of Sister Bay was a wonderful experience. The outbuildings are full of character and there are paintings in every direction.  Inked on site, I am only now adding watercolor to it.  Once the color is in, I add a little more ink where needed.  I use India ink on this one, wanting a waterproof option to keep the watercolor clean.  I love these historic barns, I never grow tired of painting them.  Painting number 1769 in 1769 days.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sister Bay Barn in Watercolor

I've not used my watercolors for a while, and yesterday, I could have used them in the field.  So, today finds me filling in ink drawings with color!  Sometimes, I only have time for a sketch, which I can come back to later, if I choose.  This is one of my favorite journals, and I especially love the rough texture and how that paint glides over the surface.  The sizing is a little thick in this particular journal, so my watercolor brushes are far more effective than the brushpens.  When I use the brushpens, I need water handy to rinse out the gunk periodically.  I sketch in my line drawing with India ink, which is waterproof, and then follow with paint.  I'm using my watercolor confections for this.  They are small and can be slid in a pocket for in the spot plein air.  I almost never get out my Daniel Smith's now, strictly due to the convenience.  I'm having so much fun, I think I'll do another!  Painting number 1768 in 1768 days.
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