Sunday, March 18, 2018

Red Tipped Roses

These unique roses literally jumped into my cart at a local shop - and it has taken me a week to finally get them painted!  Where does the time go?  My daughter was home for a long weekend - and has already headed back to college in the blink of an eye.  I began this painting by marking the yellow areas first.  Squinting, I add the red loosely.  Next, I work on that background light, following with the darks of the leaves.  From this very loose "map", I bring the edges together.   Pulling out a palette knife for all those finish strokes, I add depth and texture.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll do them in ink and watercolor- before they fade.  Painting number 1885 in 1885 days.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lucky Shamrock

On this very busy day, it feels so good to sneak in a painting before the St. Patrick's day parade.  What could be better than painting my lucky shamrock plant for the holiday?  Longing for my oils, I love pulling that brush through the thick paint.  Although, it is getting too thick in spots.  My palette is begging for attention, as some of that paint is firming, some even forming heavy skins.  I know it's time, but there are too few hours in the day already.  Perhaps I'll make that a goal this week?  Maybe?  Or, I could just grab a fresher palette...I have 5 in the freezer in various sizes for my various boxes.  Lol!  I like to be able to grab my paint and go at a moment's notice!  Time to celebrate the day - my daughter just made me a mint Bailey's milkshake.  SO not on my clean eating line up!  Happy St. Pat's to you all!  Painting number 1884 in 1884 days.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Rugged Tree

Enjoying a spa day with the girls, I waited for the infrared sauna to be free.  Out the window, this old tree stood along the railroad tracks, as if on guard. He's seen better days, and his ragged branches create such an interesting composition, I grabbed my pen.  Right now this TWSBI Mini is my favorite fountain pen. It is SO smooth and silky to draw with. I'm using cosmic black ink and a water brushpen to move around the ink a little.  I was finished in a flash  and ready for a little pampering.  Painting number 1883 in 1883 days.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Daffodils ATC

Hooray!  My first daffodils are open and I had a few minutes to get them painted before heading out again!  I did a quick ink sketch with India ink on one of my favorite papers, them followed with a light wash of watercolor.  I do everything wet on wet, so extra color is dropped into the wet areas, allowing the mingling to occur naturally.  Sometimes, the India ink will spread slightly, but not in this dry afternoon!  Such a gorgeous day!  If only all days were this beautiful!  Painting number 1882 inn 1882 days.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sunset Strokes

I've been teaching some different techniques for using palette knives in painting class, and this seascape is our theme du jour.  I like to under paint my whole composition thinly, then come over the top of it with thick, juicy strokes using a knife.  For large areas like the sky, I like the long, flat, rounded end knife.  I can sweep the knife across the surface like icing a cake.  I use a smaller, pie shaped knife for cutting in the rocks. SO fun to play in the paint!  Painting number 1881 in 1881 days.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

First Crocus ATC

Finally, a sunny day and my first crocus of the season are blooming!  Certainly, spring is around the corner!  With only a tiny painting window available in this VERY busy day, I choose to paint small - and to use my ink and watercolor!  I am quick with the pen, and the pocket sized case of watercolor pans go on in a snap with just one water brushpen.  I was having a little trouble with these water brushpens gumming up (from the sizing on these fabulous papers).  I took them apart, soaked them in clean water for an hour, swished them around, and they are good as new.  SO, in the future I will just do this periodically to keep them working. Nothing is worse than being out in the field with a pen that won't work - and no water in sight!  This sweet little sign of spring is painting number 1880 in 1880 days.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Gray Day Trees

I am spicing up this overcast morning scene with my palette knives!  Every time I use them, I find a new way to pull the knife on a flat area, or a way to slide it to make the perfect branch.  I don't do this very often in the landscape - but it is super fun.  I did lay down a thin under painting with a stiff brush, giving me a roadmap for the knife work.  I actually cut into the sky for the tree shapes, I like the pushing of the paint.  It creates rough branches, as they are in nature.  I need to work on longer, smoother strokes for the sky - perhaps that knife that looks like one made for icing cakes would be the right shape?  I'll try that on the next painting!  Love that thick paint application - it really is like icing a cake!  Painting number 1879 in 1879 days.