Saturday, July 20, 2019

Heavy with Grapes

On this very hot day in the Flint Hills, I was fortunate to have a pop up tent, graciously provided for me by the owner of the winery.  I had planned to set up in the shade for the day's festivities, but this view of the vineyards was only gained from the full sun!  This vine was heavy with white grapes - so fun to paint!  Painting number 2398 in 2398 days.

Friday, July 19, 2019

A Sweet Expression

Pleasant Hill, Missouri, is such a charming town!! After co judging the county fair event, I took a quick spin through town.  The carnival was setting up on the fairgrounds, and the streets are lined with charming shops and businesses!  The depot is amazing, and I think this would be such an excellent place for a plein air event!  I had a pared down sketch bag with me, so my ink was different and my paints minimal, but I made this work with a little mixing. I didn't have the right India ink pen, so I grabbed the one out of my pochade box in the trunk!  Turns out I really like this "eclipse" color of ink for shadow work.  I think this is part of the Colorverse line. I may just add this color to my regular set up! Painting number 2397 in 2397 days.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hay Bales in the Pasture

Oh how I love hay bales in the field!  I can hardly go about my duties with these lovelies calling my name.  The bales are already lined up in the front two fields - I hope these stay awhile, the are so many paintings wanting to be painted!  All day long I worked to reclaim the flower beds on this side of the yard, and all day long I was composing in my head and laying down paint.  When I could finally get to it, I had to work small.  Time is short and the chores are many.  Painting number 2396 in 2396 days.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hay Bales in the Field

I can remember playing on hay bales on this farm, when I was little.  My kids played on them, too, jumping from one to another as they lined up like soldiers in the field.  The large round ones are my favorite, they have such a beautiful shape in the landscape.  For two days I have been admiring these, with no time to get them painted.  So, this morning I got up early to get them painted before I left for the gym.  Ink and watercolor for this quick study, and I hope to paint them in oils tomorrow!  Painting number 2394 in 2394 days.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Weston from the Top of Main Street

Standing in the shade of the museum's covered porch, I inked this composition and added watercolor.  With the golden hour fading, I left the sky unpainted as I waited for sunset.  I dropped it in at the last minute and then forgot to get a picture of it!  This was the 6th painting of the day - and the last before heading home. It has been a busy day!  Painting number 2393 in 2393 days.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

July on Main Street

Yesterday, I spent worked in ink and watercolor for every painting I did, never taking out my oils.  In the night, I woke up thinking about this scene in oils.  So, of course I arrived early to paint this scene in oils, without even sketching first.  I love the play of color on these sunlit buildings!  I'm so glad I could stay in the shade for all of this painting, it's getting hot out there!  Painting number 2392 in 2392 days.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Flags on Main Street

Deciding just yesterday that I could squeeze this into my schedule, I headed out early for the Weston Plein Air event.  No awards or competitions, just artists descending on this historic town for a couple days of plein air painting.  As each painting is finished, I frame and take to the Weston Coffee Roasterie, where they can be purchased - and this one is the first to find a home!  Would you believe I painted 6 paintings today?  Now THAT is crazy town!  I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Weston in paint!  Painting number 2391 in 2391 days.