Sunday, December 10, 2017

Holiday Brights

I LOVE painting these shiny, bright Christmas balls!!  Though I LOVE to paint them, I don't have a single one of these on any of our Christmas trees!  I prefer fancy ornaments of all kinds, especially blown glass.  I once was given a large glass globe shaped vase with a tall candle in the center, surrounded by all of these glass balls!  After all these years, it is these balls I am pulling out of my Christmas box for the sole purpose of painting them!  In fact, I think I'll keep a few out in a bowl just for that impromptu holiday painting!   To the person who have me that gift - it is the gift that keeps on giving!  Painting number 1786 in 1786 days :)

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Artist Santa

This time of year finds me drawing Santas - and this time in using ink!  A little known fact is just how much he loves painting en plein air, and here he is concentrating on the the sweep of that evergreen (one of his favorite trees).  I begin with the sketchy line to create a border, and I begin my composition.  In this case, I charge those same borders with this artist's painting arm and his canvas.  I like taking the important parts outside of the line.  Could I possibly be rebelling against my kindergarten self?  Nah, I'm just letting the ink go where it wants to!  Painting number 1784 in 1784 days.

Friday, December 8, 2017

December Sunset

After a busy day climbing in and out of the attic, I rush downstairs to start dinner..... and see the glory unfolding on the western hill!  Too many times I see this kind of beauty, and simply can not stop to paint it.  Not this time!  I turn the water on to boil, and by the time it is at a full roll, I have captured the sunset!  I've gained speed in the last months, I was finished before all the light was gone - and the sun was already down when I started.  I did not even take the time to get my small pochade out of the car!  I held my panel instead, using two brushes to paint the whole thing.  I would have used one, but I didn't have my oil to wash my brush out!  I can't be picky with so little time!  I guess you would call this "roughing it " plein air style!  Painting number 1783 in 1783 days.
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Merry Go Round

Our monthly art mob event was at Oak Park Mall this morning. We met at the carousel and soon began our work. I first started my composition with an ink drawing, followed by watercolor. With the constant motion of the merry-go-round, I had to work quickly and loosely. One of the best parts of meeting monthly with fellow artists is getting to visit over lunch afterwards. We all display our work together for a quick photo, then off to lunch we go. Today was especially fun because these are my old stomping grounds where I grew up! This painting makes 1793 to in 1793 days.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Uncle Sam Nutcracker!

The real nutcracker was a gift in the secret Santa exchange last night, so it is now in the home of a friend.  I'm working on 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas, and using my acrylics.  I am so very specific about my substrates.  This particular one is just fine for the rather abstract technique I use on the Christmas balls, but a bit of a struggle for this nutcracker!  What I thought would just drop off the brush had to be coaxed along persistently.  I found myself longing for my gessoed masonite, with my cross hatched surface.  I do like wrapping the paint around the edges, though, it looks so dimensional.  This painting makes 1792 in 1792 days.......maybe...!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Glass Ball Reflections

Oh my, what a busy day!  With three Christmas parties in the last 24 hours, my world has been a whirlwind of activity!  Nothing clears the chaos in my mind like a quick and loose painting, feeling my way through the colors rather than thinking it.  Going into "auto pilot" allows me to mentally unwind and recharge at the same time.  New ideas surface as the reflected colors find their spots on my canvas.  I love the dynamic play of the brushstrokes.  The process is just so stinking fun!  I'm thinking of painting a really large canvas of these Christmas I dare?  Painting number 1791 in 1791.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Pergola at Longview Farm in ink

I'm inking a few smaller works for a local gallery, and am trying out my fancy new TWSBI mini fountain pen in the limited edition gold.  I've filled it with cosmic black ink, and oh how I love the flow of that ink - even on this thinner cotton paper which can be a little resistant!  This pen glides like a dream, and the medium nib is my favorite for drawing.  This is my second piston loaded TWSBI, and they are both my favorites of all my fountain pens.  Creating is easy with excellent tools like this.  I've gotten both of them and lots of ink from the Goulet Pen Company, which is a cut above other supply companies.  Excellent customer service and product packaging, and my orders even come with a handwritten note and a lollipop.  Who could ask for anything more?  And no, they didn't bribe me to say so, I just appreciate the attention to detail.  Painting number 1790 in 1790 days.