Monday, May 21, 2018

Allium in Monet's Garden

I am so at home in a garden!  After working a couple of hours in my own flowers, I headed over to the Arboretum with my daughter.  We are both participating in Stems Plein Air this year!  I'm so happy to have some time to paint with her before her internship starts.  Monet's Garden may just be my favorite place to paint here, and today this spot called the loudest.  The allium are simply stunning this year, so I choose a location with these beauties in the foreground.  I drew this out in ink first, then made a slight adjustment before committing to paint.  I do wish I had a little purple on my palette - it would be perfect for those allium!  I'll be sure and bring it tomorrow, because I may just zoom in on those blooms!  Painting number 1945 in 1945 days.  Such a peaceful place to paint!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Log Cabin Magnolias

When I scouted this location, I could not decide whether to paint this cabin with magnolias, or the blue frame house with forsythia just across the walk.  SO, I set up in the middle and painted one and then the other for this Daniel Boone quick paint!  The blooms of spring are fleeting, and it seems like they fade away before I can paint all that I see!  Since this is a quick paint, I begin by laying in masses, the lights and darks, meeting edges occasionally.  I wait until I am further along before committing to those edges.  I like to squint at this stage, allowing the painting to come together intuitively.  This is especially helpful when I'm in a hurry.  Once I near the finish, I check my edges.  Happy with this one, I turn my easel and begin another.  Love those days when I can paint two before heading back!  Painting number 1944 in 1944 days.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Erikson Garden in Sepia

The Erikson Water Garden is a special place to paint.  There is something about setting up by the water, with the sound of the water trickling over rocks, that lulls me into a serene painting zone.  Thoughts of the two hour quick paint faded away, and I truly melted into my surroundings, really seeing what unfolded before me.  I'm using my newest TWSBI Eco T with ink I blended myself.  The brown black shade lends a timeless feel to this extraordinary garden scene.  I loved this place so much, I framed and turned this in, and returned for another painting here in oils.  I'm going to really enjoy painting here for the next two weeks.  Painting number 1943 in 1943 days.
Ink on paper, 8x10
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Friday, May 18, 2018

Sunset at Erikson Garden

Tonight was the kick off for the Stems Plein Air event at the Overland Park Arboretum.  After wining and dining us artists, we headed into the garden for a two hour quick paint!  After scouting the grounds, I landed in this spot - the waterfall, reflections, allium and sculpture all struck a chord for me.  I first did this in pen and ink, but as the color deepened in the golden hour, I knew I'd have to hike back to the car for my oils!  So, after that first hour, I framed and turned in my ink, then returned to paint it in oil.  I adjusted my composition slightly as the peachy light was growing in the sky.  With only 45 minutes to paint, I painted like a crazy woman, knocking in those masses and getting those lights and darks marked.  The light is fleeting at this hour, so speed is a must.  I finished at the sounding of the horn and turned it in on time!  Two hours well spent indeed!  Painting number 1941 in 1941 days.
oil on panel, 8x10
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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Morning on Kessler Farm

I brought two long panels for this plein air event, and when I saw this location I knew I must use one.  I wanted to capture all the barns, silos, cattle, and the wonderful old farmhouse, so I needed a substrate that was long and narrow. I happened to have a piece of birch that I had cut the night before I left town.  I had not washed a color over it, so I had to start on white.  It is a struggle, when I am used to an underpainting. It was a bit dusty on the gravel lane, especially when the tractors were operating, so there is authentic dust embedded in the oils from this site!  These pastoral scenes are among my favorites to paint - so happy the Kesslers allowed me to capture their place!  Painting number 1940 in 1940 days.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Penn Valley Ruins

This old stone structure is inviting from many different angles.  I first drew this composition from outside of the structure.  With the sun approaching noon,  I could certainly draw this, but paint would have to wait as the light soon hit the front straight on, changing everything about the values.  The back side was also very interesting, giving me the feeling of standing inside, looking out.  This building has called to me every year I've painted here for Plein Air KC, and this is the first time I've answered the call.  I'm sure it won't be the last.  Painting number 1939 in 1939 days.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kansas City Scout

The Scout draws visitors far and wide, and is truly a Kansas City icon.  When I arrive on location, I like to check out all the angles, looking for the best composition.  After sketching from this side, I hiked down the hill a little for another striking view.  I drew three different ink drawings before I finally got into the paint!  Painting number 1938 in 1938 days.