Monday, November 19, 2018

Twisted Tree

I came home to a large box of Richeson art supplies - which I won a gift certificate for at two different plein air events!  The first was awarded in Fairfield, and the second was for an Award of Distinction in Still life, in Parkville.  Along with my oils, Richeson threw in gray matters brushes and palette papers, brush soap, medium, and three different toned hard board panels!  Wowza!  I am very picky about my painting surfaces, but I must say I liked the gray one I painted on today.  I like how well it shows my brush work, the paint seems to absorb less than on my prepared panels.  The paints are rich and creamy, and I really liked the color of their golden ochre - especially for this time of year.   I have dedicated a palette just for their paints - can't wait to use them again tomorrow.  Painting number 2123 in 2123 days.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Autumn Farm

I run past a lot of corn fields in northern Ohio, and the texture and colors are rich in the drizzle of this day.  Autumn seems to have fled now, leaving plenty of earthy browns in her wake.  I think I'll embrace these rich colors as winter approaches.  Painting number 2122 in 2122 days.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Farm on Schultz-Portage Rd

Knowing I wouldn't get the chance tomorrow, I went for a run on the North Coast Inland Trail after lunch.  This trail follows an old railroad line that passes town, golf course and rolling farms.  This farmhouse is just past Sugar Creek, and the first farm I pass on my run out of town.  I sketch and paint quickly, because that misty drizzle is no companion to ink or watercolor!  I then tuck my painting in my pocket and get back to my run. Painting number 2121 in 2121 days.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Autumn Snow

Rarely do I get to paint snow while autumn leaves are on the tree, but today is such a day.  Painting across Portage River Road, this is the view from my window each morning.  For the third day, I am painting with a very limited palette.  I have become spoiled these last years, with so many choices on my palette, so I felt a little constricted with only the primaries.  But, there are some really great things about using only a few colors.  Color harmony is effortless.  Mixing is very important to painting, and few choices mean everything must be mixed - and I do this on the panel.  I've never been one to premix anything, ever.  I still wish I had that cool red, because getting those cool violets is difficult when my red is vermilion!  The snow is melting faster than I can paint it!  Painting number 2120 in 2120 days.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Snow on the Portage

The freezing rain started early this morning, glazing all the surfaces.  When it turned to a lovely snowfall, I waited as long as possible for it to accumulate before painting.  With a couple of distractions, I had to rush to finish before dark.  I don't have my favorite palettes here, so I have improvised with a flat plastic container, loading my very limited oils on it.  Oh how I'm missing my favorite white and alizarin crimson!  Challenges are good lessons, so I forge ahead.  My dad loved this river, it is my honor to commit it to oils this day.  Painting number 2119 in 2119 days.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Autumn Leaves

With only a small window available for running and painting today, I hit the North Coast Inland Trail as soon as we arrived home.  Running is such therapy, as if I am running away from all those things I don't wish to think about, and one by one they are left in the dust behind me.  The hard and fast run is the best for this, and when I wear out, it is time for a quick paint.  Today, however, I ran extra miles and could only pick up leaves on my way back, to paint after our appointments.  So, here I am, studying leaves with pen and ink, and longing for my dad.  Painting number 2118 in 2118 days.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

301 East Avenue

This is one of the ink drawings done on site, and tucked in my bag to add color to at a later date.  These little works gave me focus during a difficult time, allowing me a little relief before returning to the real world.  The tiny palettes of the Watercolor Confections pack anywhere, a pocket or a bag, so I am never without paint.  I've grown so used to them, they are now like old friends.  Painting number 2117 in 2117 days.