Friday, May 9, 2014

Firefighter's Memorial in May

Firefighter's Memorial in May
Oil on panel, 14x11
Penn Valley Firefighter's Memorial Quick Paint
Wow - what a beautiful day to paint!  Me second paint of the day was the quick paint scheduled for this fountain.  I had scoped out my spot early, but then went on to paint a tree study.  When I finished, I turned to find that three other artists had set up in my chosen location!  So, as I carried my easel to the fountain area, the dappled light of the sun through the trees captured my attention.  This composition was so much more "me" than the first I had selected!  I set up - in the sun, which I had to be to soak in all of the scene, and got to work when the whistle blew.  This is a two hour timed event, and I finished a little early.  My first fountain painting of the season and 493 in as many days :)

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