Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring at Femme Osage Creek

Spring at Femme Osage Creek
Oil on panel, 14x11
Augusta Plein Air Festival
On location
There were two Private Estate Paints this year, and the artists could only sign up for one - which gave us a free painting day on Tuesday.  The Shipley's graciously invited us back this year to their home to paint.  Six of us showed up - each choosing our favorite location along the creek to paint.  Last year, we had summer color in the landscape for this event.  This year - spring is bursting out all over, complete with redbuds and dogwood!  During our paint-out, Dan walked down to each artist, offering us banana bread, cupcakes, brownies and cookies - SO thoughtful!  This place is simply full of gracious hospitality!  Is it any wonder I keep returning year after year?  The serenity of painting along the creek, with the water babbling beside me is so relaxing.  I could paint all day next to the sound of the water.  This painting makes 485 paintings in 485 days.  Tomorrow is another sunrise paint - this time at Frisella's Nursery :)

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