Monday, June 23, 2014

Monarch in the Coneflowers

Monarch in the Coneflowers
Watercolor on paper, 12x9
I have tried Arches 300 lb cold pressed paper for my surface today.  It has more texture than the previous papers, and the drawing gum rubbed off without too much effort.  I wish I could have achieved a more "dreamy" feel to the background here.  I tried to wash in colors and blur as I blended, but I think I should have been a little more abstract.  It would be more effective to wash in loose masses of color.  I will have to work on that!  Maybe my paper was not wet enough -  I did brush water over it, but this heavier paper may absorb it more quickly.  This painting makes 539 in 539 days - now, out for more yard work before the sun goes down!

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  1. Gosh its truly beautiful Tammie, hugs Annette x