Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wildflower Whimsey on the Konza Prairie

Wildflower Whimsey at the Konza Prairie
Watercolor on paper, 12x9
Konza Prairie
Painting the walking trail at the Konza Prairie today, from the Flint Hills in Kansas, I have pulled out my watercolors.  For the first time, I am painting on a 300lb Arches block.  I have several of these, and they seem like a good idea - especially for plein air painting.    Although, a watercolor friend of mine told me she never uses them, she doesn't like the sizing on the blocks.  I liked it!  I first used the drawing gum to mark off the lights, next painting all other colors, adding layer upon layer until I had the desired results.  Allowing this to dry, I rubbed off the gum, and painted int he light areas.  I love how the paint in the wet sky mingled to achieve just the effect I wanted!  It is always a gamble with watercolors in the sky - I just lay down the paint and let it do it's own thing!  I hope to enter this one in a fundraising auction to benefit the Flint Hills.  I think it is so important to preserve this beauty for future generations.  This painting makes 598 in as many days.

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  1. This is beautiful. The flowers almost look spring-like, except you can tell they aren't spring flowers. I think I need to check out these Konza Prairies if I ever get to Kansas.