Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Along the Rose Path

Along the Rose Path
Oil on canvas, 6x9
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This is another study for a larger painting, probably 24x36.  I absolutely LOVE rose gardens, and the fabulous one in Shreveport, Louisiana is the inspiration for this painting.  Brushing on the masses with my favorite large brush, I then start early in the work with my palette knives.  Loose strokes reign supreme, and I am using the recent palette knife technique of pulling all petals towards the base for these small roses.  Grass and path get horizontal strokes, following the form of the land, and the trees are all willy nilly - as trees grow in that same fashion.  I have used some Gamblin radiants for this - lemon, magenta, blue and white.  I love the way they lay on top of all other colors - they are SO opaque.  This painting makes 927 in 927 days.

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