Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cloud Song

Cloud Song
Oil on unstretched canvas, 6x4
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On this subtle skyscape, I am mainly using my brushes, with just a bit of knife at the end for texture.  I again start by gradating the whole sky, horizon to top in the colors they would be - in this case Naples Yellow to Prussian to Ultramarine Blue - all with the addition of white.  This is a subtle sky scene, so no blaring color here.  I then start adding the cloud colors on top of this layer, softly and with the brush almost laying on it’s side.  I then use my finger to blend here and there, and add a little stronger color towards the top.  I can’t decide if this is too subtle - are the clouds too diffused?  They often appear in the sky like that - so I will let this rest for tonight, and look with fresh eyes in the morning.  Painting number 920 in 920 days.

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