Sunday, July 26, 2015

Evening at Reibolt's Creek

Evening at Reibolt's Creek
Oil on wood, 9x12
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After the morning spent at Cavepoint Park, afternoon at Sister Bay, we searched out Moonlight Bay for a quick paint at sunset.  I have painted it each year I've gone to Door County, but on the other side of the Moonlight Bay is this amazing creek!  I have never noticed it before, possibly because the water is higher this year than I've ever seen it.  With only 50 minutes to paint, Teddy and I set up our easels in the narrow shoulder of the road, but withe the first car speeding right by us - we rethought that decision! So, we moved right down into the ditch, where gravel covered a large culver.  About 30 minutes into the fast slapping down of paint, I felt something on my leg, and looked down to find a giant, hairy black spider carrying an egg sack up my leg!  Yikes!  With a little scream, I shook her off and flicked her away with a stick!  I do NOT want an egg sack of baby spiders opening up in my capris!!  Just another plein air adventure - what will tomorrow bring?  Painting number 938 in 938 days.

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  1. That little creek caught my eye last year but the evening light is when it shines. Lovely capture of the end of a long day!