Friday, July 10, 2015

Glorious Clouds

Glorious Clouds
Oil on unstretched canvas, 6x4
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Practice makes perfect - something I have heard all my life.  Well, tonight I am practicing my cloudscapes.  I am approaching this in a different way, experimenting with the layering of colors.  I first brush on the sky colors as they would gradate from horizon to top of canvas.  I then take my palette knife and start adding the whites of the clouds.  This layer automatically blends with the bottom layer in strokes.  When I want strong color, I simply pull the stroke once on top of the layers - which keeps it from blending.  I may just like this better than meeting at the edges in the block in.....time will tell....and practice, of course!  This painting makes 922 in 922 days.  In retrospect, that number just sounds crazy - I never thought I would still be painting daily SO many days after the original "30 Day Painting Challenge" :)

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