Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Path in Poppy Fields

Path in Poppy Fields
Oil on canvas, 6x9
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Some days, I actually have paintings playing out in my mind while I go about my daily duties.  Driving to the gym, license bureau, to weights and robotics, with scenes unfolding before my eyes.  It is SO hard to keep my mind on my tasks!  It is as if I have been on "auto pilot", and keep coming back to reality with a snap!  I could hardly decide where to begin once I did get to my easel - there are three landscapes uppermost in my mind this day!  Deciding on this one first, I sure hope I can get to at least one more later.  I am working up a small piece with plans to enlarge to 24x36.  I would have just painted large to begin with, but I don't yet have the wood cut....and time is limited today.  I brushed in the whole underpainting, and have added the thick, juicy paint with a couple of palette knives.  I may need to pull a few more cool tones down into the poppy fields, but for now I am letting it rest.  This painting makes 926 in 926 days.

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