Saturday, July 11, 2015

Red Rose Impressions

Red Rose Impressions
Oil on wood panel, 4x6 - purchase here
Once again, I am playing with those palette knives!  I've used 5 different ones for this, but really do most of the work with two.  One is a small diamond shape - with a sharp point on the end.  I have never used it, as I felt that sharp point would too easily scrape off paint where I didn't want it to.  What I've discovered though, is that it is very efficient for getting into those tight places, and I have not missed the rounded tip that my other knives have.  It is so freeing to abandon the normal ways of doing things - to test the unknown and see where it takes me!  I have even departed from my normal color palette here - for some pure, bold color!  Crazy! What could be next?  Painting number 923 in 923 days.  Now - it is time to go celebrate our niece's wedding :)

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