Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fields of Violet

Fields of Violet
Oil on canvas panel, 5x7
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While riding the North Coast Inland Trail, farm after beautiful farm unfolded before me.  These little gems were like treasure that only the bike rider could get a glimpse of.  I am painting this from memory, since I was not equipped on the trail - and I'm pretty sure my family would have abandoned me!  I think that only other artists fully understand the intense desire to paint when a fabulous scene is spotted!  These violet blooms may well have been weeds spreading across the field - but glorious they are!  After moving Michaela to college yesterday, Michael's first guitar recital today, and he returns to school on Tuesday, there is SO much on the calendar!!  A little art therapy is just what I need to focus and recharge before tackling ALL those duties!!  I feel like painting all day - maybe I'll get another one done before the night is through...... painting number 958 in 958 days :)

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