Sunday, August 30, 2015

Marceline Wine Stroll

Marceline Wine Stroll
Oil on masonite, 12x9
Marceline OPA Paint-Out - purchase here

By 3:00, the main street through old town Marceline was closed on either end.  Tables, chairs and tents were placed up and down it’s width.  Wine vendors started setting out bottles, and adorning their tables for eye appeal.  As I walked from one end to the other, scouting for a painting spot, several things caught my eye, but I kept returning to the St. James Winery table.  There was something about the light hitting the glass, with the grapevines and grapes resting around the ice container - so I set up my easel and did my sketch.  After first participating in the wine testing, I returned to my set up to find I could no longer get a good vantage on those bottles from the front
on location
corner, due to the crowd awaiting their wine!  Moving to the side, I started laying paint.  Bottles were constantly picked up, poured, and set down in different locations.  I liked the disarray of the bottles - it made for a more pleasing composition.  Focus was a little challenging as I was in the thick of the crowd, with all their conversation, wine sharing, and merriment surrounding me!  This was a fun paint in a charming town - who could ask for more?  This painting makes 972 in 972 days.

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