Sunday, August 2, 2015

Morning at Cave Point

Morning at Cave Point
Oil on wood panel, 11x14
Door County, Wisconsin
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This park is absolutely amazing!  When you first enter the park, there is a long, winding road in, with nothing to either side but trees and grasses.  The trees shorten and become more sparse, and then you come to a parking lot with a gazebo - with people exiting their cars and all following a particular path into the woods.  Pretty strange - but we decided to follow the crowd - and it led to the most spectacular cliffs which dropped off suddenly!  There was a wooden sign before you came close to the trees exclaiming that “dangerous conditions exist and to not let children play unsupervised”!  Well - no wonder, because anyone could just drop off all along the coast!  Hard to believe this is still left in it’s natural state - but I am SO glad it is!  What an exciting place to paint!  Painting number 944 in 944 days.

A magic little spot :)

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