Saturday, August 1, 2015

Out to Sail

Out to Sail
Oil on wood panel, 11x14
Egg Harbor, Wisconsin
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An early painting already finished at Cave Point, Egg Harbor was next on the agenda.  After scouting out the town, I was drawn down to the marina.  There were two sailboats that really caught my attention, and the first one soon departed.  With only one tiny spot in the shade from which to paint, I set up my easel and got started.  The wind blew right in to me from Lake Michigan, strong at times - which really dries my eyes out as I paint.  Sometimes, I even feel like they are wind burned!  The sun and heat were also strong, but my dappled shade helped.  The panel I used for this one had a molding paste texture on it, which gives it more of an impasto feel.  I find that sailboats are a very appealing subject up here on Lake Michigan!  Painting number 943 in as many days.

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