Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rex and a Glass

Rex and a Glass
Oil on canvas panel, 5x7
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This day has been heavily scheduled from beginning to end.  With so many duties yet ahead of me tonight, I find very little time for creativity.  So, in an effort to unwind just a bit before carrying on, I am painting what is before me - my empty glass and a bottle of merlot!  I have a love of all things antique - and this special glass is one of several that I bring out for a little indulgence.  There is something timeless about drinking from a wine glass that spans the decades. When it comes to painting the glass - I simply paint the colors and lights as they appear before me.  I am thinking about the object - just where the masses of color and value fall.
Natural light gone as I finish...
In the end, that turns out to be a good representation.  This is painting number 955 in 955 days.

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