Sunday, August 23, 2015

Silos and Bridge in Leavenworth

Silos and Bridge in Leavenworth
Oil on canvas panel, 10x8
Leavenworth Paint Out - purchase here

The second painting of the plein air day in Leavenworth, I had left myself only 30 minutes to paint before turn in!  So, fast and furious, I dropped paint into their masses with hardly a sketch to work from.  I set the alarm on my phone for 20 minutes before turn-in, which was my “time’s up” cue to pack up and get to the park.  This painting of the iconic bridge into Leavenworth with the silos in front, is the scene from the park on N. Esplanade, down by the covered shelter.  The shelter offered good shade and a nice vantage of the large cement silos.  I could hear the train running just past the bluff, but I could never actually see it with the heavy foliage between cliff’s edge and
on location
the steep drop to the Missouri River.  Another wonderful painting day, painting number 965 in 965 days.

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