Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunflower Impressions

Sunflower Impressions
Oil on canvas panel, 8x10 - purchase here
on location - Tri-County Paint-In

We had a paint-in for Tri-County Art League today, which is where we all bring what we are working on, or something new - and just paint together as a group, visiting and breaking for lunch.  I had stopped and bought sunflowers on my way from the gym for my painting subject.  Without the right tool to cut them down, and no vase - I stood the tall stalks up in a glass that I found in the kitchen.  I had big plans to complete two or three paintings today.....but too much visiting kept me down to one!  My day was heavily scheduled - before and after this paint-in, so I had several other stops, an appointment and dinner out with the family, before I could return home with my painting and gear.  When I did open my trunk - to my surprise - my yoga mat from this morning's pilates had rolled back and forth over my painting - which DID have some heavy palette knife work on it's surface!  Silly me!  Why didn't I grab my wet panel carrier before heading out early this morning?  Well, "Fantastic" cleaned the oils from my mat, and a few additional strokes with my knife and paint repaired the damage to the painting.  Ahhhh.....just another adventure in daily painting!  This one makes 960 paintings in 960 days :)

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