Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sunflowers of Summer

Sunflowers of Summer
Oil on panel, 5x7
My fancy sunflowers have now completely faded, but the traditional ones are still going strong! Capturing them again with oils, I am making the most of them while I still can.  In the subdued lighting of morning, their cheerful yellow faces shine with radiant yellow.  An important part of making the painting work is bouncing the reflected color around the painting - reflected sky color, foliage color, and petal color.  I may need a bit more of that sky color in here, but my paint was so thick and wet that the color simply vanished as I stroked it on.   I may return to it in a couple days and add just tiny bits of it here and there, for that added sparkle of cool against warm.  After an afternoon of yard work in my yard, I then went over to help my oldest daughter in hers.  What I thought would be an hour job turned into three - and now it is time to return home for another shower and a late dinner......and maybe a nice glass of wine as my reward!  Painting number 967 in 967 days - I think another 30 Day Painting Challenge is coming up in September - and I will be passing 1000 during that time.  Crazy town!

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