Saturday, September 26, 2015

Afternoon in the Garden (at Kill Creek Farm)

In search of sunflowers at the Kill Creek Farm - I found a them in the private garden of the 1870's farmhouse.  The larger field of sunflowers had been eaten by deer and was being mowed to the ground as I arrived in the morning!  Yikes!  I had been excited to paint sunflowers -as they are SO beautiful in the field!  They are just as wonderful in the garden, and here they are sandwiched between zucchini and zinnias, with the Kill Creek Barn in the background.  There were bee hives down in the pasture - and the bees LOVED the natural bug repellant I had sprayed my arms and legs with!  The honey bees kept landing on me and licking the essential oils from my skin - no kidding!  I found that if I didn't react, they just walked around my skin for a while - and flew off!  I couldn't keep shooing them off - I was too busy painting - unless they landed on my face!  That is a "no bee" zone! Just another plein air experience!  This painting is my 999th in 999 days - and Day 26 in the 30 day painting challenge!!
on location

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