Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grazing at Green Dirt Farm

Grazing at Green Dirt Farm
Oil on wood, 14x11
Green Dirt Farm paint-out - Parkville in Art - purchase here
This is my 1000th painting in 1000 days - and what a fabulous painting day it was!  It was a special treat to travel north of Weston to the Green Dirt Farm, where sheep graze on the rolling hills.  I have never painted sheep before, but I have always loved them - and adore their pastoral beauty in paintings.  Hiking up to a high spot beyond the kitchen, I set up in full sun, since that was the most amazing view. I wanted to capture the whole scene, the experience of standing in such a magical place, with brushes and oils.  The sheep gently moved through the meadow, down to the crossing, and back up again in an endless circle.  They make a wonderful "munching" noise as they graze close, and they sneeze and occasionally cough just like people!  High on this hill, I could turn 360 degrees - and have painting in every direction, if only I had more time.  We made it back to the barn before the cheese tasting ended, and I came home with some fabulous cheese for the family, too.  Some days I really love this life.  Painting 1000 in 1000 days, and Day 27 in the 30 day painting challenge.
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  1. Tammie, this is a gorgeous painting for your 1000th in 1000 days! I love the peacefulness and the beautiful colors of nature.