Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Seagull on the Beach

Seagull on the Beach
Oil on wood panel, 6x4

This was a day spent at the hospital - this time keeping company with Mike’s mom, as his dad lay in the bed.  They live nearby, making the whole experience so much easier than having to make a 12 hour drive first, as it has been with my dad so many times.  On days like this, I come late to my easel.  Feeling the need for color and loose strokes, I chose one of the many photos of the gulls of Lake Erie from a couple of weeks ago for my subject matter.  I pushed the color a little bolder, used the knife a little more freely, and like how the paint expresses the way I felt sitting on that sunny beach watching the kids, gulls, sand and surf.  I love how a painting can take me right back to the place!  This is painting number 974 in 974 days :)

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