Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tansy on Cotton

Tansy on Cotton
Flower pigment, pen and ink on cotton, 8x9.5
This pounding is of tansy in my garden.  It blooms in yellow atop tall feathery fronds.  Used in teas, it is one plant I needed to keep away from cattle - as it can affect their milk (or so I was told).  Since we live in the country, that meant keeping it away from the fences and edges of the yard.  We no longer run cattle, but I still keep it far from fence lines!  The blooms are tiny yellow ball shapes in clusters, which here turned to the brown shades.  I wonder if cutting fresher blooms would result in more of their true yellow color seeping into the fabric.  I found that with sunflowers, I needed to cut them and pound them immediately, or their petals would release very little color.  Each flower is a new experience - and who knows the next blooms will bring!  This is Day 17 in the 30 day painting challenge and the 990th painting in 990 days!! Woohoo!

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