Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Time for Wine

Time for Wine
Oil on wood panel, 4x6 - purchase here

Knowing this day was going to be super busy, I sketched out two small paintings early this morning - hoping I would have time to lay paint, too.  I did not - so this waited all day long for me to return!  In this still life with bottles and glasses, I am longing for loose, fun strokes - steering away from tight realism.  Painting is expression, so tonight I am painting what I feel more than what I see.  If you look closely at my yellow earth paint marks - you can see how the texture changes with this coarsely ground Terre Greeze Italian paint.  I prefer it's warm tones over yellow ochre (which I almost never use).  I simply do not like the very slight green tint that all yellow ochres have.  The other sketch will have to wait until the morrow for it’s paint, for tonight I am just too tired!  Sometimes, even I wear out!  Another 30 day painting challenge has begun, so this is number two in September’s 30 day challenge and this painting makes 975 for me in 975 days :)

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