Wednesday, October 21, 2015

French Street in Batik

French Street in Batik
Watercolor batik on thin rice paper, 6x8.5
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It has been quite a while since I have painting using this technique!  It is exhilarating to delve into something different, exploring new ways to bend the media!  This technique leaves the painting with such a vintage feel - I love it!  I am using very thin rice paper - this one came in a roll, instead of the pad I used yesterday.  I must handle the paper very carefully, when painting, the paper is so saturated that it feels like the soft brush will tear the delicate surface!  I put a piece of waxed paper under each piece of rice paper before I paint on it.  This allows the paint to fully saturate, getting very strong pigment where desired.  I leave it on this paper as it dries, so there is no tearing while it is wet.  I still keep it under the painting as I paint the hot wax onto the surface, this will keep the painting from sticking to the foam core (which I have underneath the wax paper as I paint).  The white surface of the foam core is perfect for helping me to see how the painting is progressing.  The paper is so thin, it becomes translucent with paint - and needs a white surface below it to see where you are at in the painting.  I remove it from the wax paper only when it is full dry and ready to put between the layers of newspaper for the final ironing. This painting makes 1023 in 1023 days :)

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