Friday, October 30, 2015

KC Dripping in Batik

KC Dripping in Batik
Watercolor batik on masa, 6x8
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How about those Kansas City Royals?  SO EXCITING to have won the first two games in the World Series - and in SUCH dramatic fashion!!  Tonight's game will be in New York - and I'm looking forward to another night with those "boys in blue"!!!  This painting is just a little fun with watercolor dripping on masa paper, followed by hot wax, freezing, wadding, and cracking, and topping it off with watercolor floated over those cracks.  Next come a hot ironing between newspaper, and voila! -this is what remains!  I just couldn't help but cheer my boys on with a little Royal fun in the studio today!  Painting number 1032 in 1032 days!!  Let's have another win tonight, boys :)

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