Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Morning on Main Street

Morning on Main Street
Oil on masonite, 10x8
Packing at a leisurely pace, finishing my workout AND a second cup of tea, I was relaxed about getting to the two hour paint a wee bit late...  For this morning's quick paint, I planned to choose something easy.....zoom in on a subject, have fun with it........and then I walked out onto the street! The early morning sun washed over building and street with dancing color - and I HAD to paint the whole shabang!!  This was a lot of information to get onto a panel in an hour and a half - which lends itself well to fresh color and loose strokes!  It was fast and fun - and I sure could have used that extra thirty minutes at the end! Painting number 1015 in 1015 days :)
on location

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