Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkins in Batik

Pumpkins in Batik
Watercolor batik on thin rice paper, 8.5x6
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Yesterday was a super fun day in painting class!  We were so busy - I didn't even get a chance to take some photos!  This is one of the watercolor batik paintings I was working on - first sketching with india ink, then painting the pumpkins onto super thin rice paper.  While waiting for the watercolor to dry, I paint three others to the same stage.  Next, I painted the focal areas with hot wax, then lay in all other color and allow it to dry.  I then wax the whole paper, and wad it up into a ball.  After pressing it out flat again, and brushing off any chunks of wax, I then flood the dark brown watercolor into the cracks and crevices created in the wax.  Next comes ironing between layers of newspaper until all wax is removed from the rice paper.  This is what remains, and the irregular batik lines add so much character and depth to the painting.  I want to paint some street scenes in old town Belton - and treat them to a little batik for that vintage feel.  SO fun!  This painting makes 1022 in 1022 days :)

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