Monday, December 28, 2015

Late December Snow

Late December Snow
Oil on masonite, 8x6
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Our warm, balmy December weather changed sharply today!  I was out to run errands early, and already the rain was icing on the roads - and sleet was pelting before I was able to get home!  As the first snow of the season - it is absolutely irresistible to the artist in me!  I pulled out my oils for this one, and the transition from acrylics to oils always feels slippery at first.  I realize that I REALLY need to clean my oil brushes!  In fact, I did so as soon as I was finished.  When I paint every day with them, I only clean out the oil once a month or so.  but when they are not used much for 2 months - they begin to stiffen up. Yikes!  Good as new now, who knows what I'll paint tomorrow!  Painting number 1091 in 1091 days :)

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