Sunday, December 27, 2015

Skier & the Drummer

Skier & the Drummer
Acrylic on masonite, 4x6
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Today was our Frank side family Christmas, this year hosted by my cousin, Carla.  It is always so nice to get together with aunts, uncle, cousins and their families - which are growing!  In our busy times, I don't see these families nearly enough!  It is fun to have so many little ones running around - and next year we add one more!  I remember the days when I was one of those little ones running around!  As the oldest grandchild, I loved having my cousins under my care!  I wish they lived closer, and we could see more of them.  Once we were home from the gathering, I was at a loss for what to paint.  Pouring over some of the recent reference work, I decided on these two nutcrackers (thanks once again to Candy).  I am still using the limited palette, and blocking the whole painting in quickly with a 10 minute color study before adding dimension to those masses.  Sometimes, I feel I could use a little cad yellow light on my palette - but so far, I have done without - and don't ever think about it after the initial block-in.  This painting makes 1090 in 1090 days....and the days of painting nutcrackers are almost up until next December!

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