Saturday, January 23, 2016

Charlie in Ink

Charlie in Ink
Pen and ink on paper, 5x6
This sweet little long haired cat, is one of the most lovable cats we have ever had!  He will climb up to the balcony, and sit outside of our bedroom windows and call to us, if he hears our voices.  He has even pulled one of the screens completely from the window, so as to help himself inside!  He is very vocal, and swirls around your lap or feet at the slightest attention!  He is not very fond of our big dog, Beau, though he adores our little puppy, Chewy.  I am playing with the pen and ink again, and trying out different tips.  The superfine seems to be my "go to" pen, though I sprinkle in some of the others whenever the subject calls for it.  I can se already that I need to lengthen the hair on the back of his head, because it should be fluffier.....oh well.  I'll need to make that adjustment, and take another photo.........tomorrow!  Artwork number 1117 in 1117 days, and Day 24 of the current 30 Day Painting Challenge :)

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