Monday, January 18, 2016

Horse in Motion - Ink

Horse in Motion - Ink
Pen and Ink on paper, 6x6
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This was one of my favorite subjects for drawing when I was a child.  I loved horses - I drew them, wrote stories about them, and played "horses" on the playground at Pawnee Elementary School! I know, it sounds like I may have been horse crazy, but honestly, I think I have always thrown myself into what I love - no matter what it is!  So, tonight, I am getting back to my roots with a twist - pen and ink.  As a child, my favorite tool was graphite pencils or charcoal - never pens. After all, you can't erase pen marks!! Now, I am enjoying the rich, dark marks made with pen and ink, and the vintage flavor this age old medium lends to the drawing.  I need to do more horses, until I become completely comfortable with them.  This drawing makes 1112 in 1112 days and Day 19 in the 30 Day Painting Challenge!

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