Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Whispering Water

Whispering Water
Oil on masonite, 18x24
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I have painted this secluded creek one other time in the early spring, when trees and brush were just sprouting forth their buds.  I love this location, it is so peaceful - and a hike from the road.  Just painting it again takes me right back to the spot. On this occasion, I am painting large from small color studies, adjusting as I go.  I don't remember if I've done this  before. I normally just paint the size I want from the beginning, but this one is the 9x12 kept calling out to me.....larger......larger.  Over the last few days, I have worked on this.  I really had the bulk of it finished the first day, but then let it rest until morning.  Well, that morning was Monday - and there is next to no wiggle room for me on a Monday, so I could only cast my eyes in it's direction....making mental notes.  Late this afternoon, while I still had natural light, I began to push the paint a little here and there.  It is night again, so I am letting it rest once again.  I believe I am finished, but will look again tomorrow with fresh eyes in the natural light.  This painting makes 1107 in 1107 days, and Day 14 in the current 30 Day Painting Challenge.

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