Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fishing - sketch

Fishing - sketch
pen and ink on paper, 5x6

A big reason I wanted to start a drawing journal was to improve my drawing skills with pen and ink.  I am very comfortable in graphite, but ink is so permanent - there is no erasing and that was daunting!  I grow more comfortable with each sketch, and if I am tackling a difficult composition, I will select a dryer Pitt pen that is running out of ink, to make those first marks!  So, if those marks really fail - its okay, they will be light and easily dominated by the darker ink!  I know, its a bit of a crutch, but it works!  This sketch is of my youngest son fishing on the banks of the Portage River, behind my parent’s house.  I think sketching these figures is harder than just painting them - so that must mean I need more practice!  This sketch is the 1158th piece of artwork in as many days, now on to the paint!

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