Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Charlie in Ink

Charlie in Ink
Pen and ink on paper, 6x5

I have a personal pet theme started in the last couple of days!  After a busy, busy day - my birthday - with the boys helping me plant countless summer bulbs, I am very tired as I finally slow down tonight!  I have commissions, I need to paint, but all I want to do tonight is draw.  So, I pick up my Pitt pens and start with loose, sketchy strokes.  I play in my journal with a few borders, and then settle on painting one of our favorite cats, Charlie.  He is getting older, and this spring he seems to be showing his age just a bit.  His long, glorious fur is perfect for paintings and drawings alike, and his royal carriage makes his every pose a work of art!  Such a sweetheart is my subject du jour!  This pen and ink drawing makes 1190 pieces in 1190 days, and some days it seems like a miracle that I can keep this roll going :)

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