Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hyacinth Bee in Ink

Hyacinth Bee in Ink
Pen and ink on paper, 5x7
Oh, the hyacinths are fading fast!  It seems that they just popped their heads up, and now it is time for them to vanish until next spring!  This year, I am going to plant some closer to the house, so their intoxicating fragrance will waft in through the windows!  It has been so warm this spring, I’ve had the windows open repeatedly - which is not the norm!  I have tried my hand today on this honey bee - arresting his flight at an interesting angle!  I started adding little "flight dots", and I think it adds some whimsey to the drawing......but I'm still not sure.  I love the vintage charm the pitt pens lend to this style of art!  I think my superfine is beginning to run low, which is not a crisis since we now have a new Hobby Lobby in town!  Hooray!  This drawing makes the 1194th in 1194 days.  I hope the “mulch guys” bring me a truck load today, I could sure use it!!  Today, is my son Travis's birthday - now we've had three this week alone!!

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