Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lamplight on Lindenhof

Lamplight on Lindenhof
Oil on panel, 10x8

I can hardly believe the wonderful, warm weather we have had this year for the Augusta Plein Air event!!  With such warm evenings, it has been a joy to get out and paint!  This is my second nocturne of the week, painted in historic Augusta, in front of the Lindenhof Bed and Breakfast.  I like to set up under a street light, positioning my easel so that the light is on the face of my panel and my palette.  I then face towards my illuminated subject - and start painting.  It is all about values when painting in the dark, and I never know how the colors turn out until I take it into the light!  Each time, it is like opening a present!  Painting number 1212 in 1212 days.

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