Saturday, April 23, 2016

Light in the Vineyard

Light in the Vineyard
Oil on panel, 14x11

The day could not be more perfect for plein air painting!  The  sky was a constant show of rolling clouds - changing almost too quickly to capture in paint!  After a quick stroll around Nobeleis Winery and it’s vineyards, I picked the  first three rows Chambourcin vines stretching across the lawn for my composition.  The light was turning golden, illuminating grass and the greenery of the grapevines - I couldn’t resist it!  With racing clouds, it was important to get those forms and colors in first.  Next, I only marked the masses with a spot of color - to be sure I kept the light I saw before me.  So often, clouds will move in and completely change the mood of tone of the landscape.  In plein air, if you don’t get those marked before that happens, it is an uphill battle to paint what you remember versus what is now before you.  This was a joy to paint from beginning to end!  Perfect weather, wonderful people stopping by to chat and live music drifting down from the tent.  Just a little slice of heaven here in the vineyard.  This painting was awarded 3rd place tonight, and has already found a new home!  Painting number 1207 in 1207 days.
on location - just after sunset

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