Friday, April 22, 2016

Painting from the Point

Painting from the Point
Oil on panel, 12x9

Since Teddy had an easel disability today - we stayed on the point for both paintings of the Augusta Shores event. Once the sun had appeared, I found a place under the deep shade of a red cedar to set up my easel.  As Teddy framed her first piece, I really got into the zone - completely forgetting that I was to turn in my first painting in only minutes!  The sky was changing so quickly, that I wanted to get all sky and water color blocked in while the formation was so fabulous!  Once done, we ran our paintings up to the Berg House - and rushed back to finish up this second.  I had first intended on paint the boat by the water, but Teddy’s umbrella demanded to be painted!  What a fun day - and only a couple of sprinkles in a day calling for rain!  Painting number 1206 in 1206 days.

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