Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Afternoon on the Garden Path

Afternoon on the Garden Path
Oil on panel, 12x9
Stems Event - purchase here

For my third painting of the day, I came to this intersection of paths,  with the composition already in my mind.  As the afternoon light poured over the garden, I had a decision to make - west or east?  The east side was my intended landscape, but the way the path wound into the background to the west was SO alluring.  I chose west, and I can do the east another day!  With less than two hours left before closing, I did not take the time to sketch.  The light was going to change very quickly, so I jumped right in, marking all lights and darks.  From this beginning, I worked all to the middle, careful to keep the masses of the complex garden in tact.  I love the layers of a garden, and have so enjoyed spending a beautiful day capturing it in paint!  Painting number 1238 in 1238 days.

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