Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Clouds Over the Pasture

Clouds Over the Pasture
Oil on panel, 7x5

After realizing how difficult running was after a *surprise* running class at he gym, I added running to my schedule.  Not much, just a mile run, four times a week.  Well, what I had forgotten from high school is that I love running and I really love that “runner’s high” that sets in and lasts for hours.  I am hooked!  So, by the time I came to my *new* easel this afternoon, euphoria abounded and I looked to the heavens for my muse.  I added a few extra paint tubes to my box, as well as business cards.  I am gradually adding the few things I will need when painting at the Stems event, which starts on Friday.  We’ll see how this new set up works out for events.  I have never wanted to carry a backpack, I am simply not a backpack kind of girl.  So, having a detachable tripod will be a challenge to carry, sans backpack - although I think I have the canvas case it came in.  Painting number 1231 in 1231 days, and I think I will actually have time to paint another today!

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