Monday, May 23, 2016

Dreaming in Monet's Garden

Dreaming of Monet's Garden
Oil on panel, 12x9
Stems Event - purchase here

This garden is the crowning jewel of the Overland Park arboretum.   I return to it year after year, to recapture it's beauty in oils.  I had to work fast, with only two hours left before closing.  Before I even had the panel covered, raindrops started to I tilted my panel downward a little,  to get the surface dry.  Slapping on that paint, the surface was soon covered.  I no longer had to worry,  as the oils resist the rain.  Thunder threatened, but the clouds never broke overhead.  Before I knew it, a park employee was informing was informing a fellow artist and I that the arboretum was now closed,  and we should make our way to the exit.   Well, I guess they really do check before they lock up!  Painting number 1237 in 1237 days.

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