Saturday, May 14, 2016

Prayers by the Water

Prayers by the Water
Oil on panel, 24x20
Penn Valley Park Plein Air Fest

This is my favorite place in all of Penn Valley Park!  When a large painting was on the “to do” list, I knew I would come here to paint it.  I had stamped a 24x18 birch board the day before, but once I had gessoed it, there were a couple of flaws that showed up in the wood.  So, I took another panel in the next morning for stamping - this one a 24x20.  It is the largest I have painting in plein air, and it took me three different times on location to get it.  I had only loosely blocked in the masses when I got a call that I could get in to see the baby.  So, of course I packed up my gear and headed over.  Once I returned, the light was so different that I only worked to middle values, leaving my lights and darks alone, so as not to lose them.  I returned the next morning at about the same time I had started, to finish and tweak anything that had been missed in the multiple visits.  I much prefer to paint it all at once, but at least I got it in - without giving up my “baby time” to do it.  If this one does not sell at the gallery, I am hanging it in the front room.  The title is an apt description of my time spent at this spot, praying for little Nolan, longing for healing.  Painting number 1228 in 1228 days.

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  1. I've missed seeing your entries in PPF so I sought you out only to learn that you have had concerns in your life. I love your paintings and admire your ability to keep chugging on in spite of upheavals. I am adding my prayers to yours for little Nolan's healing and for peace for your son and his wife.