Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roses in the Rain

Roses in the Rain
Oil on panel, 6x6 - purchase here
on location

This day was overflowing with activities - pilates, step/kettlebell classes, running, jury committee meeting, *baby time*, dinner out with the family, weeding until the rain was starting - and finally I got to my easel!  With only a little light left, and the rain coming down, I set up on the front porch to paint the roses in the garden.  I was sheltered and the light made the colors sing.  This is a quick painting, probably only 40 minutes beginning to end, but I like how the values and hues are coming easier and easier.  I truly believe the best way to grow as an artist is to paint en plein air and from life.  I see color in a way I didn’t several years ago, and each painting teaches me something more.  This is the 1233rd painting in 1233 days.

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