Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cedar Waxwing in Ink

While visiting with my parents, I have my pen and ink in hand.  After having the family over all day, I am settling into the relaxing rhythm of drawing.  This very natural act quiets the mind, and let's the hand just take over, the pen is merely an extension of that.  I started this sketch journal, hoping to draw every day, and I have fallen short of that lofty goal.  But that's okay, just starting it has kept me coming back.  Which is more pen and ink than I have ever done, and I have found that I love it!   I am getting Michaela started with her own sketch supplies - and her favorite pen is also mine!   The Pitt pen - superfine.  Like mother, like daughter.  Painting number.....1274.   I have to catch up on my posts the next time I have good Internet connection.   So much for everyone in America having Internet :(
Cedar Waxwing in Ink
Pen and ink on paper, 6x7
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