Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Waiting for Dinner

Michaela wanted a new cat, and so we went down to a friend's farm and brought this beauty home with us.  Her markings are unlike any other cat I've seen, and finally, I have time to paint her tonight!  I am using my new poly tips on this one,  but I'm reaching for my connoisseurs to blend.  I think the poly tips may be great work horses,  but for finishing, my old favs are easier to maneuver. The polys just seem to grip the paint a little tighter, and they aren't releasing with the same flow as my brushes. This is only my fourth painting to use them, so maybe this is still my learning curve.  After arriving home from dinner, I passed by this painting on the easel, and thought it was actually my cat!  Whoa, now that's crazy.   Painting number 1295 in 1295 days :)

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