Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cave Point Cove

Cave Point Cove
Oil on panel, 12x9
Door County, Wisconsin
This amazing place is certainly a feast for the eyes!  I think I could spend every day painting on these bluffs, and never tire of it!  Lake Michigan is ever changing, as the sky - and the color combinations are endless.  This is the kind of landscape I seldom see in Missouri - so I really enjoy the chance to study the moving water!  Waves and crashing water are certainly a challenge!  I have been using my Querilla Painter box and tripod since April, and I officially love it!  This medium French Resistance easel is the perfect compliment to this artist's whims.  If I ever get another, it will be the same style, perhaps in the large size - to give me another option in the field.  If they made a "mini" - I would buy it too!  LOVE this set up!  So light, I can hike into the wilderness without a care about weight.  This dramatic painting is my 1307th painting in 1307 days.

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