Saturday, August 13, 2016

Waterfall in Sanctuary

What a way to kick off the Parkville in Art invitational!  For this first day of painting, I completed 4 paintings!  That is my all time high for a single day, although not the first time I've done that!  Louanne Hein was my painting companion for three of the four paintings, and she was on sight sketching for the first one.  It was fun getting to know her better!  During the heat of the day, we went into the shade of the woods to paint this one.  I had been at this location a couple of years ago, but had not ventured this far down the falls.  I had another spot picked out, but decided against the uneven ground, it's proximity to the edge, and the steep pitch of the incline.  It looked like an accident waiting to happen, so I made the wiser choice  - and ended up loving this spot!  Tomorrow will find me at Weatherby Lake!  Painting number 1318 in 1318 days :)

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