Friday, September 2, 2016

Flowing into East Creek

Oh!  What a busy day!  This morning's classes at the gym were grueling - but always totally worth it.  I followed that with four hours of hard labor in the yard (with a few plantings :).  After Mike and Michael left for a little shopping, I grabbed my paints and headed to the closest creek!  I checked two before deciding this light would last the longest.  It was late enough, there was little traffic.  One small dirt bike came by three times - to check my progress!  One little boy was exclaiming to his dad as they drove by, "She is painting!  She is!"  The weather could not have been nicer for painting - and the bugs just weren't out!  Unexpected so close to the creek.  The hoot owls were calling to each other, and lulling me right into the zone with their conversation.  I love being totally enveloped by the beautiful place I am painting.  Its just a little mini vacation, minutes from home.  Painting number 1338 in 1338 days.....I think.....!

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful, Tammie. We have been missing you at PPF, but your time seems well spent. Love the way the light reflects on the water's surface in this painting.