Thursday, September 15, 2016

From the Katy Trail

 Oh my goodness!  What a day!  Arriving in town to with enough time to set up our panels and artwork at the American Legion Hall, I then needed to head down to the Katy Trail Head in Augusta outside of "Pop a Wheelie", where the two hour quick paint was scheduled to kick off the event.  It was so hot and humid, but distant thunder could be heard in the distance.  The golden water of this run off creek by the Katy Trail caught my attention - and held it.  I started painting very quickly, as the weather was changing right before my eyes!  The wind started blowing, the temperature starting dropping, and leaves were blowing right onto my painting and into my palette!  Before I knew it, I was bracing my painting, and holding down the contents of my paintbox - because the wind was strong enough to blow things out!  I stayed until the lighting was popping and big raindrops began to fall - and then I headed to shelter to take down my gear and frame my painting.  It had only be 56 minutes.  I spent the rest of the evening enjoying good friends, summer shandy, dancing and fun! What a way to kick off this Augusta Harvest Festival!  Painting number 1351 in 1351 days :)
Off the Katy Trail
Oil on panel
Katy Trail Pain Out - Augusta Harvest Festival

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